EC3 utilizes analytics to enable behavioral change across your business

About EC3 Analytics

We leverage the data analytics, machine learning and visualization libraries of R and Python to accurately analyze client data and produce novel insights. Whether organization-wide or individual, we have the analytical capabilities modern organizations require to succeed.

Service Statistical Analysis V1

Statistical Analysis

We leverage the latest academic research and case law to provide accurate, reproducible, and in-depth statistical analyses ranging from descriptive statistics, modeling workforce disparities, predicting consumer behavior, or ad-hoc statistical analyses. We can provide statistical analysis to answer any research question.

Service Team Indv Assessments V1

Team / Individual Assessments

Utilizing a wide range of analyses and effective dissemination, we equip organizations with clear and concise assessments for success at the individual and team level.

Service Pay Equity Analysis V1

Pay Equity Analysis

Equal pay is critical for all organizations. Annual reviews are often not enough in today's fast-paced and rapidly changing environment.

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Service Client Analysis APP V1

Equal Pay App

Our proprietary equal pay application models compensation decisions and allows clients to view the impact of equal pay practices on their organization in real-time.

Service AA Plan Development V1

Affirmative Action Plan Development

For over twenty years, we have been helping companies successfully create, monitor, and defend their affirmative action plans and policies. Founded by a former OFCCP District Director, our compliance specialists serve federal contractors and subcontractors throughout the United States ranging in size from small/single location businesses to large/multi-site conglomerates.

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